We expanded the biomarkers included in our test menu specifically for the management of prostate cancer and we’ve added new clients to our customer base including several uro large urology group.

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It has the potential to change their practice and improve workflow efficiency” adds Andre Neu, Head of Platform Solutions for ASCOM. How does it sound? *Not available for sale in the U.S. [1] Alarm.

On Friday Abano said it had agreed to sell Aotea to Healthscope, provided the latter wins the new regional pathology contract with the Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa District Health Boards.

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Founded by Leavitt in 1989, ADCS owns 107 offices and manages another 90 with more than 1,000 employees in Florida, Ohio, Nevada, South Carolina and now Michigan that provides clinical, cosmetic,

Health Care Australia announced the sale today, saying it paves the way for an expansion. while Healthe Care focuses on providing clinical best practice, innovation in service delivery and positive.

That’s why the two companies are partnering to combine in-vitro diagnostic data (biomarkers, tissue pathology, genomics. are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not cleared or.

Its sale of PLUS to Miraca Life Sciences makes Miraca the largest independent anatomic pathology laboratory company in the. enhanced workflow and practice solutions possible. It is part of our.

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2018 – “Finally, we have been developing cost effective approaches on various platforms, not only in molecular, but in the area of anatomical pathology. boards that follow corporate governance best.

Two wins for Plant & Food Research at the Kudos Awards – Dr Philip Elmer, a senior scientist in plant pathology. wine for export sale. This model was replicated for the summerfruit industry,

supplied Since the scheme was launched in 2012, almost six million Australians have signed up and almost 13,000 healthcare professional organisations are connected, including general practices,

The $1.9 billion Healius is in the middle of rolling out the Helix cloud GP and practice management platform. Equity by Healius in March 2016 for $155 million. At the time of sale, Medical Director.

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ProPublica. the quality of scientific practice has to be very high. We work with the medical examiners in Rhode Island, who are board-certified forensic pathologists. None [of the 3] are.

All of the fund’s investments will target substantial improvements to current medical practice for the benefit of patients. with recent exits including: The sale of digital pathology company.

The Australian Association of Pathology Practices was recently successful in lobbying the. but instead opted to retain the business after sale negotiations fell through. "We turn over about $120m.

"The sale will allow Healthscope to focus. a chain of dental practices, and Southern Sun Skin Cancer Clinics. "We are excited to invest in Healthscope’s Australian Pathology operations, a business.

As anyone in sales knows, the first is always the toughest sale. HemeScreen is also progressing and. translate into additional diagnostic sales from key oncology practices. Growth in pathology is.

Abano Healthcare, the listed medical and dental centre investor, posted first-half profit that met its guidance after the sale of its pathology and orthotics. totalling 181 dental practices and.