The discovery of factors that control this nutrient, known as "fixed" nitrogen, gives researchers insight into how the ocean regulates its own life-support system, which in turn affects the Earth’s.

Researchers in the US recently found evidence which suggested that blue-green alga or cyanobacteria – an organism found in water around the world – can produce a toxin linked to the development of a.

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Cyanobacteria are a phylum of bacteria that produce oxygen and energy during photosynthesis, similar to green plants. They are among the most abundant organisms in oceans and fresh water. Unique.

Microbes that provide natural fertilizer to the oceans by "fixing" nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form useable by other organisms were once thought. nitrogen fixation by an unusual type of.

Cyanobacteria, often known as blue-green algae, are among the most abundant organisms in oceans and fresh water. They are similar to green plants because they can use the energy from sunlight to make.

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We present the order of speciations according to lateral gene transfer data calibrated to geological time for three datasets comprising 40 genomes for Cyanobacteria, 60 genomes for Archaea and 60.

Blue-green algae can cause you to get sick, similar to eating bad seafood. which is currently blooming in the lake. Algae and cyanobacteria, the organisms that cause HABs, have existed for billions.

The Kerfeld lab studies the orange carotenoid protein (OCP), unique to cyanobacteria (previously known as blue-green algae), which are organisms that are prodigiously. The synthetic OCP reactions.

An international team of researchers led by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has deciphered the genome of a tropical marine organism known. it is visually very.

While not identical, they can be similar in morphology to the filamentous cyanobacteria Anabena; thus, their use enabled a preliminary proof-of-concept demonstration of cell differentiation using the.

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Cyanobacteria, bacteria that obtain their energy through photosynthesis, are of considerable interest as bio-factories, organisms that could be harnessed to generate a range of industrially useful.

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“This was surprising because when people do a similar analysis for other plant genes, they usually find the closest sequence in fungi, or in cyanobacteria whose ancestor. the protein sequences from.

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The phylogenetic tree of photosynthetic organisms reconstructed by this new method is similar to that of trees previously reported. However, it is not evident whether this method can be applied to a.

FGCU’s air study validated a similar investigation performed for the Centers for Disease Control, Kirkpatrick said. "Cyanobacteria is an emerging issue in the nation," Kirkpatrick said. "As we.

The survival tricks adopted by microbes known as hypolithic cyanobacteria. similar environments here on Earth,” Steve Pointing, a professor of environmental studies and director of science at.

Axial precession occurs on a cycle of roughly 26,000 years and arises because the Earth wobbles slightly as it rotates, similar to the wobble of a. also known as cyanobacteria. "The phosphorus-rich.

such as cyanobacteria, use photosynthesis to make sugars, just as plants do. But others have a newly discovered ability to harvest light through a different mechanism: using light-activated proteins.

Different period mutants were used to answer the question, ”Does having a period that is similar to the. detrimental to this organism. Therefore, the clock system does not appear to confer an.

We believe that similar motifs and mechanisms may account for the acclimation of other systems, including globular proteins 23,24, to significantly different habitats.

HelioBioSys Inc. patented a group of three non-genetically modified marine cyanobacteria for the production of sugars, which can then be converted into a variety of fuels and chemicals. Similar to.